Discover the treasure chest of products created by the hands of both nature and local craftspeople. Ideas for pillow gifts can be unique and beautiful and your DMC, cruiseline, or resort can handle the details of acquisition and presentation.

Legendary Black Pearls
Mother Natures's perfect pillow gift. Born in the warm lagoons, Tahitian Cultured Pearls are the Pacific's purest and most sought-after pearl. Over 1,000 pearl farms sell through reputable merchants in the resorts and on the cruise ships.

Commonly known around the world as "Black Pearls," each pearl varies in size and shape and the colors range from the darkest black to shimmering shades of green, blue, bronze, aubergine, or even pink.

Several of the quality pearl retailers such as Robert Wan Pearl Museum will conduct group presentations run by pearl experts complete with customized gifts and special pricing.

Handcrafted Wood
Marquesans are famous for ancestral designs applied to bowls, platters, drums, and sculptures. Hand carved from precious native woods such as rosewood and purple wood, these creations are prized the world over and come in all sized and price ranges. The designs and techniques used by the artisans are passed down to each generation and can be witnessed at their traditional studios and galleries.

Monoi skin products
Monoi is made only in Tahiti from the purified oil of the fruit of the tumu ha'ari tree and fragrance of the beautiful Tiare Flower. The result of this combination creates the favorite skin care product of Tahitian women. Monoi is used to create creams, soaps and skin-care oils.

Tahiti is one of the leading producers of vanilla beans. Cherished and used by famous chefs around the world, this rich and aromatic spice is packed in glass tubes and perfect for gifts. Many planners attach recipes and methods of adding vanilla to everyday dished.

This bright, multi-colored cloth (sarong) seems to be everywhere on the islands. Those pareu that are hand-dyed in Tahiti can be given at the beginning of a trip along with fun lessons in how to tie and wear them.

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