Queen of the Pacific

The strategic gateway to the Islands of Tahiti, towers over the ocean. Crowned by a circle of majestic peaks, the mountainous interior features deep lush valleys, roaring rivers, and high waterfalls while the coastal lands are home to tropical flowers and many ancient and artistic cultural sites. Here, the bustling capital city of Papeete is the center of the Polynesian world and the launching point for incentive trips.

Tahiti means:

› Larger luxury resort properties with full-service conference facilities and a highly experienced staff familiar with the needs of your group.
› Access to the island’s best performers for themed events such as the Polynesian music and dance extravaganzas.
› Dozens of activities for every type of client including nature/hiking tours, cultural/ museum explorations, island tours by boat, bus, or private car, shopping trips, and dine-a-rounds.
› Frequent flight connections and resorts close to the airport for easy multi-island program planning.
› Private tours along the 75-mile circle-island road feature stops at museums about Polynesian history, Paul Gauguin, and James Norman Hall, co-author of Mutiny On The Bounty. Tours also include walks among the botanical gardens, hidden waterfalls, and ancient temples, with shopping stops for gifts, pearls, handcrafts, and art.

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Nature’s Playground

Moorea, soaring dramatically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet, is what you would imagine a South Seas island to be. The wide lagoon surrounds the mountains where poetic threads of waterfalls tumble down fern-softened cliffs. Hidden in the meadows are fields of pineapple and vanilla while the shores are dotted with tiny villages.

Moorea means:

› World-class resorts hidden within deep groves of tall coconut trees along the shores of a bright-blue lagoon.
› Quiet ambiance of a peaceful island complemented by bright colors and dramatic scenery at every turn.
› Nightly sunset cruises with music and dancers for groups and VIP couples.
› Shopping variety. Specialty boutiques offer unique jewelry and art while quaint shops feature “made in Moorea” collectibles.
› Infinite opportunities for land and water exploration operated by companies experienced in working with groups and in creating custom programs.
› Dolphin encounters in the lagoon at Moorea Dolphin Center.
› Dozens of excellent restaurants hidden along the quiet shores of the twin bays.
› Private tours along the flower-lined 28-mile circle-island road featuring fruit-tasting stops, ancient temples, waterfalls, road-side shops, unique restaurants, and pristine beaches.

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Bora Bora
Romance Central

Simply said, Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world and one of the most popular destinations for incentive groups. The lagoon resembles an artist’s palette of blues and greens while the castle-like Mount Otemanu boldly pierces the sky. Perfect white-sand beaches give way to emerald waters where divers, snorkelers, and boaters are surrounded by infinite marine life and scenic wonders.

Bora Bora means:

› Legendary four- and five-star resorts.
› Unending days of snorkeling, diving, boating, deep-sea fishing, and jetskiing within the neon-blue lagoon.
› Majestic sunsets enjoyed from the open-air restaurants, bungalow balconies, or nightly catamaran sailings into the lagoon.
› A surprising selection of prestigious art galleries, boutiques, and pearl shops.
› Picnics under a coconut tree on your own private island (called a motu).
› Dramatic 4X4 mountain and forest excursions to panoramic overlooks.
› Private tours along the 18-mile circle-island road featuring stops at white-sand beaches, World War II relics, ancient sites, shopping spots, and majestic vistas.

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Best Kept Secret

With lush forests, quaint villages, and an untamed landscape, the islands of Huahine are one of the South Pacific’s best-kept secrets. Huahine’s few residents welcome visitors with great kindness making this isle a favorite among repeat South Pacific travelers.

Huahine means:

› A beautiful resort hidden along the lagoon shores accessible only by boat.
› Quiet villages, roads, and shores that provide a peaceful and refreshing escape.
› Explorations among the largest concentration of ancient structures in Polynesia.
› Circle-island tours on the water by jetski or on land by private jeep, car, or bus.

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The Place Where Time Stops

With the rich aroma of vanilla floating in the air, Taha’a offers a glimpse of the traditional, tranquil life of the Tahitians. The flower-shaped island’s beauty is charmed by soft mountain shapes while surrounded by beautiful tiny motu.

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The Homeland of Ancient Polynesia

As the center of religion 1000 years ago, Raiatea is truly a sacred place in legend and myth. Mt. Temehani is the only place in the world where the white Tiare Apetahi flower grows while the huge marae (temple) of Taputapuatea was the launching point for discovery of ancient Hawai’i and New Zealand.

Taha’a and Raiatea mean:

› An exclusive new resort on Taha’a, hidden on the shores of a private island.
› Discovering where the fragrant spice of Vanilla is grown and harvested.
› Cruise programs within the lagoon and to a private motu for snorkeling, and games.
› Private tours along the circle-island roads featuring tiny villages, botanical gardens, vanilla and melon plantations, giant religious complexes (called marae), and family-run pearl farms.
› Chartering a sail boat for a cruise within the world’s best sailing waters.

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Tuamotu Atolls
Tahiti’s Strand of Pearls

This chain of atolls and islands appear as if gracefully tossed over the South Pacific. Each a tiny paradise, these oceanic wonders of the world are only a few feet in elevation and dotted with more coconut trees than people.

Tikehau — A Breathtaking Lagoon
A graceful oval of coral untouched by the modern world with a lagoon so clear and pure, it can only be described as infinite.

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Other destinations with resorts & lodges:

Rangiroa —A Diver’s Wonderland

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Fakarava — Fall in Love All Over Again

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The Marquesas — Welcome to The Land Of Men

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