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Discovering The Island Of Huahine

Take a short flight from Tahiti to what locals will tell you is their choice of destination. Huahine (pronounced hoo-a-heeny) will give you a real taste of island life and energise you with 'Mana' from the welcoming locals and natural landscape.Huahine may be small in size but it has plenty to do—you will wish you could stay longer, and I recommend that you do! It holds an authentic island life that makes living at a slower pace so darn appealing; you will feel uplifted with 'Mana' at every turn.

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Huahine, the island of temples

Just half an hour’s flight from Tahiti lies the pristine island of Huahine – known by many as the South Pacific’s best kept secret and known by locals as The Garden of Eden.
A deep, crystal clear lagoon surrounds the two islands while magnificent bays and white sand beaches add drama and solitude to their virtues. Relatively unchanged by the modern world, it gives the traveler a taste of life in ancient Polynesia.

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