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Aranui: A cruise in paradise with purpose

Elisabeth Easther and her son booked a passage on a freighter to explore the far-flung charms of French Polynesia’s Marquesas Islands.

Sitting 1300km northeast of Tahiti and 4000km from the west coast of Mexico, the Marquesas are what you'd call far-flung. Comprised of 12 islands, only six of them inhabited, they marinate in something like 700sq km of ocean with a population that doesn't quite reach 10,000.

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Sailing the world's most stunning islands in French Polynesia

Technically, the oceanic white-tip shark is the world's deadliest shark, and yet it draws so much less coverage than that alleged man-eater, The Great White (whose PR, admittedly, was managed by Steven Spielberg). It's been known to feed on shipwreck survivors in open ocean; in one notorious incident – the torpedoing of the USS Indianapolis at the closing stages of WWII – 800 American sailors were consumed. Jacques Cousteau called these "the most dangerous of all sharks".

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