World Tourism Day 2019


Taking place on the 27th September each year, World Tourism Day’s purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. With a rise in Google searches for The Islands of Tahiti as a holiday destination, now is a brilliant time to outline the top reasons why the world understandably loves The Islands of Tahiti!

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There is plenty to go around


Whilst on a map The Islands of Tahiti appear to be small dots spread across the Pacific Ocean, The Islands of Tahiti are actually made up 118 islands and atolls spread over five archipelagos, which in total spans across an area the size of Europe – so there’s plenty to see and do!


French connections


In 1800 France officially colonised The Islands of Tahiti. The fusion of French culture is still heavily present on The Islands of Tahiti. French is still used in schools and businesses.; however, the Tahitian language is still preferred by most islanders in their homes. French influencer is still heavily present on The Islands of Tahiti, with most homes having baguette boxes out the front of their houses!




The much-loved trend that etches the skin of so many individuals in societies around the world holds a much greater significance within Tahitian culture.  A cultural practice that can be dated back hundreds of years; tattoos or tatau is still a massive draw card for ink enthusiasts today. Both modern and traditional tattoo methods can be achieved on The Islands of Tahiti, with specific designs having cultural meanings.


Postcard destination


Google the word paradise and a plethora of incredible images will be laid out before your eyes. The Islands of Tahiti is one destination that mirrors these images precisely.  No mater where you go in The Islands of Tahiti, one thing is guaranteed - its beauty will be hard to put into words. 


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 Since 2018, The Islands of Tahiti have welcomed over seventy six thousand tourists - a 3.8% increase from 2017. With all the versatility and holiday options that The Islands of Tahiti offer, its no wonder. From snorkelling, 4WD experiences through the rainforest, swimming with reef sharks, to hiking or relaxing, The Islands of Tahiti offer something for all kinds of travellers. And with 118 islands to go around, guests can still enjoy the much sought after privacy factor.


World Tourism Day is not only a time to celebrate all facets of life made better through travel; but also to celebrate diverse and incredible locations such as The Islands of Tahiti that welcome all guests with open arms.

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