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How long have you been working for SPM Tahiti? I have been working for SPM Tahiti for 19 years.

Why so long? I never tire of the beauty and scenery that The Islands of Tahiti offers.  The blend of Polynesian & French culture adds an element of spice to every visit, every meal and every experience.

What memorable experiences have you had in The Islands of Tahiti ? Self-drive around Huahine & Raiatea; helicopter between Taha’a & Bora Bora; exploring the lagoon of Manihi

What is your favourite dish? Moelleux au chocolat – delicate soft sponge encasing a fountain of gooey chocolate

Biggest misconception about the Islands of Tahiti? Isn’t it expensive?  Travel packages are no more expensive than a 4 or 5* package to any other Pacific Island.  In fact you would be pleasantly surprised that SPM Resorts  come in under popular destinations in Fiji & the Cook Islands.

TIP – pre-purchase a meal plan as the tax rate prior to departure is less than the tax rate if purchased direct.

Last say. As every city has its own unique ambiance, so does each island of FP.  Take the time to research and explore the various islands and atolls.


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