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Located off the Southern end of Tahiti is a small village by the name of Teahupo’o.  Teahupo’o is a small and charming surfing village that could easily be described as unassuming for the most part of the year.  Yet, the capability of the crystal blue ocean that laps this village has captivated the world for decades.


Teahupo’o produces arguably one of the most cavernous barrels that explodes over the reef. Each year, thousands of tourists and big wave surfers alike descend upon Teahupo’o for the World Surfing League.  With the 2019 Tahiti Pro just around the corner (21st August- 1st September), reasons for the world’s ever-present fascination for this wave are equally as thrilling.


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Its power:


Although Teahupo’o is less than two meters deep, its power is actually thanks to the massive 300 feet drop 45 metres off the reef.  The colossal South Pacific swell travels thousands of kilometres before imploding into the shallows from the deep, making it the most powerful wave in the world. Teahupo’o has a 20-foot face and is as heavy and thick as a building.


Big names:


Teahupo’o is arguably a pivotal wave within any surfer’s career. Some of the world’s biggest names in surfing have been crowned unforgettable surf champions thanks to the Tahitian wave.  Big names like Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrows and Gabriel Medina, who last year took out the prestigious title, have all lived to tell the tale of taking the rides of their lives and winning.


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Force of nature:


If the power of Teahupo’o present from dry land isn’t enough to scare you, what lurks below will.  The Islands of Tahiti are renowned for the incredible marine life and Teahupo’o is no exception. A mere two meters below the surface lays the ever deadly, ever-sharp coral reef. Plummeting off the famous Teahupo’o wave means potentially colliding with this deadly coral that has ripped surfers to shreds in the past.


Although only the most professional surfers dare to ride the most powerful wave in the world, merely being able to witness this monster wave that can reach up to 23 feet has been a fundamental draw card to The Islands of Tahiti for tourists and travellers alike since as early as the 1960s. The 2019 Tahiti Pro makes for an excellent chance to see some of the best surfing in the world whilst immersing yourself in the beauty, culture and wonders that The Islands of Tahiti offer.



SurfRob Thompson