Live Like a Tahitian in a Traditional Guesthouse

If completely immersing yourself in traditional culture is at the top of your holiday must-do list, then you should consider the lesser-known accommodation option of a guesthouse or pension. This style of accommodation makes for a very affordable holiday and the most perfect embodiment of local hospitality you could ask for.


From stunning multi-family lodges to basic beach bungalows for two, the range of guesthouses available creates a wealth of alternate accommodation options. Not only is staying at a guesthouse an opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional Tahitian life, hosts of these guesthouses also provide insight, knowledge and experiences otherwise unattainable.


Here, we share our top guesthouse options that span across The Islands of Tahiti:


Raiatea Lodge:


Raiatea is the second largest of the Society Islands after Tahiti and the Raiatea Lodge is located on the northwest side. Raiatea Lodge offers both standard room and superior room options. Both boasting incredible views of the breathtaking lagoon that surrounds the lodge, Raiatea Lodge is suitable for both couples and groups of travellers. For those wishing to explore Raiatea, this lodge is central in location and to a plethora of activities.  Snorkel directly off the lodge’s dock to experience some of the most magnificent underwater life in The Islands of Tahiti or kayak to the beautiful white sand beach of Miri Miri Motu.


Pension Restaurant Pukue’e

Based on ‘Ua Pou in the Marquesas Islands, this guesthouse is an explorers dream. Situated 200 meters from Hakahau village and offering panoramic views of the valley, port and beach, Pukue’e creates the perfect base for those wishing to explore the Valley of Kings and many archaeological sites. The abundance of beautiful natural fauna that cascades across Marquesas sloping landscape can be explored easily or enjoyed from the privacy and comfort of the guesthouse.  With the convenience of a private bar and restaurant, this style of accommodation is perfect for an active family eager to explore.



Pension Maro’i

If the lush, green vegetation that engulfs the backyard of Pension Maro’i isn’t enough to tempt you, the long boardwalk that extends over the pristine water lapping the white sand beaches of Mangareva (the largest of the Gambier Archipelago) will be. Four spacious and comfortable bungalows are scattered in a stunning flower garden. Visit pearl farms, snorkel or deep-sea fish with the ease of knowing a stunning private terrace and restaurant with water views awaits you back home.


The welcoming and genuine warmth of a Polynesian family guesthouse stay is a unique experience that combines tourism with authenticity, intimacy and discovery. Staying in a guesthouse is also a great way to contribute to the safeguarding and protecting of both local heritage and the environment.


Rob Thompson