Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Island of Fakarava

Fakarava is a little slice of paradise with its untouched beaches, huge lagoon and true wildlife sanctuary. This stunning island is the perfect place to explore beyond the busier Islands of Tahiti so we have put together the top 5 reasons why you must venture to the exotic Fakarava.

Rotoava Village

Discover one of the calmest and most picturesque villages in The Islands of Tahiti. Rotoava village will have everything you need from grocery shops to a dive centre to appetizing beachfront snacks and island fashion. If you’re around on a Sunday, it’s worth attending a service at the whitewashed Catholic Church to experience the undeniable sense of community and joyful chorus of hymns from the locals.   


The Stunning Underwater World

Fakarava is just as spectacular underwater as it is on land. Featuring huge coral heads, schools of fish and ‘walls’ of sharks, there is no better way to experience the ocean than to grab your snorkel or dive into the depths with a scuba diving tour.

An UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Just as remarkable as the marine life are the protected species that live on Fakarava. The island features such an untouched environment that it is a designated UNESCO biosphere - combining both the conservation of natural resources and human development in the most harmonious way.

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Pink Sand Beach

Fakarava is far more than just a diving location - it also features must-see pink sand beaches. One of the most beautiful is known as Les Sables Roses, which can only be assessed by boat. This beach is fairly isolated so you may be lucky enough to have this little oasis to yourself for the day. Take in the stunning pink sand when the sun is out or enjoy the slight orange tinge if there are clouds about.



Of course the history and culture of Fakarava is a massive draw card when venturing to this island and famous French painter, Henri Matisse, would claim the incredible colours are visual therapy for one’s soul. The artist spent 3-months exploring The Islands of Tahiti travelling as far as Fakarava to witness the stunning shades of blue created by the lagoon. This discovery triggered a new creative artistic move for Matisse resulting in the incredible piece, Bleu Matisse.

 Make some unforgettable memories and fall in love all over again with The Islands of Tahiti – you’ll discover the magic of the beautiful Fakarava.

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