Earth Hour in The Islands of Tahiti

March 30: The day the world unites for Earth Hour.

 This annual event asks people from across the globe to turn their lights off between 8.30-9.30pm as a symbol of solidarity – creating awareness about our impact on the environment. After beginning in Sydney 12 years ago, Earth Hour quickly became a global movement with more than 7,000 cities in 188 countries taking part last year.

Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti Tourisme

The Islands of Tahiti is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, boasting clear lagoons, luscious greenery and abundant wildlife, so it is no surprise that there has been widespread support for Earth Hour since 2013.

 Through the planning of Earth Hour Tahiti, nearly 5000 participants have been involved in Earth Hour events for the last six years. Across The Islands of Tahiti, candlelit dinners are organised in all bars, hotels, restaurants, snack bars and roulottes (local food trucks).


The Islands of Tahiti not only participate in Earth Hour but also help preserve nature through ecotourism all year around. Helping to minimise the impact of tourism while still sharing the beauty of the islands is the goal of many resorts within The Islands of Tahiti


One of these resorts is The Brando, an incredible luxury resort offering a unique experience surrounded by nature. This sustainable slice of heaven is 100% energy independent and supports numerous research and conservation initiatives. All the energy on this island is sourced from the sea, sun or other renewable resources – sustainability without compromising luxury and comfort.

 The Islands of Tahiti and the entire globe are worth protecting. Get involved in Earth Hour and join the hundreds of millions of people who will be switching off their lights this year or better yet, come and join us at one of the Tahitian roulottes or an eco-luxury resort!

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