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If incredible views, pristine waters and amazing waves are what you are looking for, The Islands of Tahiti is the place you need to be!

 The Islands of Tahiti offer plenty of options for you and your surfboard all year round. If you are planning to visit The Islands of Tahiti between April and September you can expect powerful waves approaching from the south – bringing on the big swells and the challenge of the mighty Tahitian waves. From October to March, summer swells hit The Islands from the north and bring lighter, hollow waves.

Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti Tourisme

Best Options for New Surfers

The waters surrounding The Islands of Tahiti are well known for the incredible waves but don’t be intimidated, there are options here for beginners too!

Surf schools are dotted around the islands and offer the opportunity to take on the Tahitian waves at your own pace. Try out Mo’o Surf School, Taie Fa’ahe’e Surf School or Turai Mataare Surf School, if you want to learn how to surf like a local.

 Papara, one of Tahiti’s only beach breaks, is a favourite for beginners with a stunning black sand beach and southern swell. This area has a range of waves from smaller, calmer waves to faster, more challenging breakers. It is a fantastic location for those starting out craving a variety of waves to test themselves on.

 Another gorgeous black sand beach is Papenoo, resting on the east coast of Tahiti. This location has both reef and shore breaks – plenty of choice for all. There are options for any beginner, whether you are starting out on shore breaks or the thrilling reef breaks.

Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti Tourisme

Experienced Surfers and Thrill Seekers

Teahupo’o has one of the world’s biggest and heaviest waves – daunting for even the most experienced surfer. The swell is best between April and September with thrill seekers from around the globe venturing to The Islands of Tahiti to take on the monster. Boasting powerful hollow waves, Teahupo’o has become one of the most popular locations of the World Surf League.

The Islands of Tahiti have a wave for everyone so book a flight, rent a board and get out on the water to feel the power of the Tahitian surf!

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