LISA DOSANJH - Air Tahiti Nui BDM Interview

  • What do you love most about Tahiti? 

Being fortunate working for Air Tahiti Nui, the scene is set literally with the first step onboard the Tahitian Dreamliner.  The 787-9 truly compliments the destination. From arrival at Faa’a (Tahiti’s international airport), the holiday mood is set, no aerobridge, stepping out to the sight of the brightest stars above, and eventually the sound of ukuleles so gently enhance the warm welcome of the Tahitian people.

 That’s just the start - lets go back to your question “What do I love most about Tahiti” My reply - it’s The Islands of Tahiti in it’s entirely.  It’s everything from walks around the down-town market, eating out at the  local food trucks (roulottes) to the breath taking views of  the mountains with the greenest of greens  to the sensational  lagoons and oceans  that offer hypnotising shades of blue. It’s the inner peace I feel from the gentleness of the back to basic human touch points the Polynesian people uphold. No matter where you may be within their islands, they are one of the same; one with nature, all so  beautiful inside and out empowered by the traditional ethos of MANA:   A person with mana is spiritually powerful, influential and courageous, yet humble, these traits are within so many that you meet… this is what I love about Tahiti.    

  • What surprises people must when you talk to them about Tahiti?

Not being aware that there are 118 islands (that’s right Tahiti isn’t just Bora Bora and Moorea). Also, the fact that the islands fall into 5 archipelagos with an array of topography differences. Describing two of the 5, The Society Archipelago: within these cluster of Islands are the high islands with stunning lagoons.

In a nutshell, the Society Islands have a similar look as the Hawaiian Islands (omit the crowds, no high-rise buildings. Then I move onto the Tuamotus Archipelago comprising 76 low lying islands and atolls similar to the Maldives but very different in its culture and history.  Keeping in mind flight times to Tahiti closer than the Indian atolls and of course not to forget,  it’s all in the name  French, Polynesian.   

  • How does one book with Air Tahiti Nui?

Our groups department can facilitate A – Z booking services one our thrice weekly schedules via Auckland.  With a 4 ½ hour flight following the trans-tasman sector on any one of our codeshare partners, it’s a seamless process. 

  • Why did Air Tahiti Nui choose the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to bring guests to Tahiti?

The aircraft is designed to provide a more comfortable and restful journey with less fatigue.  Couple this with an inflight service that is reflective of the unique Polynesian hospitality that can only be found in the Islands of Tahiti and you end up with something very special. 

With a 3 class configuration offering 30 Business Class, 32 Premium Economy and 232 in Economy, capacities fit groups well.

Lisa Dosanjh

Air Tahiti Nui Business Development Manager