Seeing Tahiti through a different lens

Tahiti YachT Charter

By Nicci Foulsham (Industry Manager Tahiti Tourisme Australia)

At the end of November 2018, myself and family hired a catamaran from the Mooring for a week to sail in Tahiti.


Sailing in Tahiti. this is such a viable option for family or small group holidays. Not only a truly beautiful and cost effective way to visit French Polynesia but highly experiential. We visited remote islands (Motus), snorkeled coral drifts, swam with sharks and rays, moored in coves and ate in local restaurants, engaged with local people, anchored in the evenings with nobody else in site, dined on our yacht with produce bought from vendors on the side of the road - a fresh tuna filet that cost aud30 and fed 7 adults with tuna steaks and home-made poisson cru followed by locally purchased pineapples and mangos - washed down with French Rosé and local Hinano beers. A weeks sailing with my family was such an incredible experience - and completed by a couple of hours hanging out at St Regis before we all turned completely savage.

If you know people wishing to have this family/group experience - I am really happy to come and talk you through it.

Visit Moorings 4000 Catamaran for more information.