The Islands of Tahiti – Much more than your plain vanilla

It is a classic, it is delicious and it is loved worldwide – the vanilla cupcake! This Saturday November 10 it is Vanilla Cupcake Day and it’s time to celebrate this humble and underrated flavour.

 Did you know that The Islands of Tahiti are famous for growing this mouth-watering spice?

The picturesque island of Taha’a is a combination of pristine water, untouched jungle and vanilla-scented breezes. With its lush green landscape surrounded by vanilla vines and pearly flowers, this stunning island produces nearly 80% of all Tahitian Vanilla.


To immerse yourself in this sweet-smelling paradise, why not invest in a guided tour of a traditional vanilla farm? La Vallee de la Vanille and La Maison de la Vanille are just a couple of the incredible plantations on The Islands of Tahiti that give you an insight into the world of vanilla. Let the locals take you through the process of creating their delectable vanilla – from the plants, to pollinating and then drying.

Vanilla flowers are extremely fragile and begin to wilt within a few hours of blooming, which is why the traditional vanilla farms use hand pollination – a technique dating back over 200 years. Watch as the farmers quickly and expertly move from flower to flower, allowing the plants to self-pollinate.


Harvesting takes place between May and August and it is not something to miss! The Islands of Tahiti create a unique experience for those wanting to discover the beauty of their vanilla farms and the bliss of Taha’a. As Taha’a is relatively secluded, the most popular accommodation is in guesthouses or on a yacht charter  - the perfect way to immerse yourself in the island culture. If a hotel is more your style, you also have a couple to choose from.

It will be anything short of bland – it will be sensational, we promise.