Save up to 25% in Moorea!

The Moorea Madness brochure is a discount brochure for activities/meals/spa/car rentals and more on Moorea. Discounts and special rates are only valid for one person. On arrival at establishment, each person must present their own Moorea Madness brochure to qualify for the discount. Make sure you have your Moorea Madness brochure with you to redeem the discounts. When calling for a reservation, please let the operator know you have this special brochure!

Activities where you can save up to 25%:

The brochure is valid until 31 December 2018 . All discounts apply to direct bookings only. Please ask for full details at time of booking with the operator (especially for cancellation purposes). 

How do I get my Moorea Madness brochure? 

Please send an email to our trade agent who will send you the brochures requested (Limit is 10) via mail:

  • If you are based in Australia:
  • If you are based in New Zealand:

The reason why we need to send the brochure to you via mail is because it will only be valid if you show the official printed version of the brochure to the operator on arrival in Moorea

Enjoy Moorea

Mount Rotui

Mount Rotui