Tahiti is a perfect destination for a wedding!

Live a romance in The Islands of Tahiti does not only mean rent an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora. Love is a part of every island in Tahiti and to experience your perfect romantic trip in The Islands of Tahiti, just choose the one that reflects the best your love of each other.

Without doubt Marc and Joanna are an international couple. Joanna is New Zealand born but has Chinese origins and was raised in Australia while Marc is French but half Vietnamese and half Spanish by origins and was raised in French Polynesia, they met in Australia, in Joanna’s hometown. But between all destinations, they chose Tahiti for their wedding.

The wedding they wanted was a nature-inspired, rustic and authentic ceremony. They so chose a three hectares park in the mountains and pines forest of Tahiti: the Over the Rainbow Park, which reflected the love they have for natural beauty. The decoration was home-made and simple: with vines, leaves and wood. The beauty of the landscape was enough to create a magical ambiance.

The incredible cultural diversity of the guests (which were from Australia, France, New Caledonia, Netherlands or Tahiti), the personal involvement of the bride and groom in the wedding preparation and the privacy of the venue they chose created a unique intimate moment they shared with each other and their loved ones.

The dream has not yet come to an end since they have decided to stay in Tahiti together, to live there and to continue their freelance videography and design for at least a few years.

The Islands of Tahiti are filled with little hidden paradise of all kinds and each island has its own personality. If you are looking for either untouched nature, crystal clear water, endless lagoons, exotic animals, myths or heavenly beaches, there is a special place for every lover in The Islands of Tahiti.

Find yours…