Tahiti on a budget? It is possible!

Is Tahiti expensive? Not anymore since they are now offering an affordable accommodation for young travellers. Tahiti has opened its first youth hostel in December in central Papeete.

Les Relais de Josephine - Rangiroa

Les Relais de Josephine - Rangiroa

The first backpacker opens in Tahiti!

The Islands of Tahiti are not only made of 5 star Hotels. There are actually plenty of locally owned guest houses and small family-run hotels, where you can meet locals and truly experience the Polynesian culture (check out our website for more info: AU / NZ). You can even camp in the islands of Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Maupiti, Rangiroa and Fakarava (more info: AU / NZ).

The Mahana Lodge, owned by a 26 year old Tahitian offers affordable options (from $35 to $45) and an authentic Polynesian vibe. It is made up of four room types: mixed dorm (12 beds), 4-bed rooms, female only dorm (4 beds) and a private double room. Breakfast is included in the cost and you can cook in the lodge.

Le Mohana Lodge - Tahiti

Le Mohana Lodge - Tahiti

Options to travel to Tahiti on a budget:

There is a wide range of lodging options in The Island of Tahiti if you want to save money.

·         First, bed and breakfast accommodations are located adjacent to the family home, they come equipped with private or shared bathrooms and include furnished rooms or bungalows. The overnight stay includes breakfast served in your room or in a common area, which could be the family dining room.

·         Farés or “family residences” include furnished bungalows (nine units at most), located near the family home and are equipped with private bathrooms and facilities for cooking and relaxing. They have a front desk, a common area reserved to guests and, if desired, they will provide daily housekeeping.

·         Family-run boarding houses offer furnished rooms and/or bungalows (nine units maximum), located near or adjacent to the family home, and are equipped with private or shared bathrooms that are separate from those of the proprietor. In addition to breakfast, which is included in the price of your overnight stay, they offer at least one meal in a common area or perhaps in the family dining room.

·         Small, family-run hotels offer furnished rooms (twelve units at most) located in a block of flats or low-rise housing equipped with private bathrooms. They have a front desk, a bar, and a restaurant. In addition to breakfast, which is included in the price of your overnight stay, they offer complete food and beverage service and à la carte dining. They also provide daily housekeeping.

Les Tipaniers Pensions - Moorea

Les Tipaniers Pensions - Moorea

These accommodation options are a great opportunity to experience the friendliness and hospitality of locals with a different perspective to the larger hotels. You may have the chance to share a moment with your host: hike in the mountains with children, fish in the lagoon with the father and feel like you are a part of the family for a couple of hours. 

Likeavegan and Jamesvodicka both experienced the strength of Mana at Polynesian Guest Houses. Check out their experiences and build your own:

·Tahiti:  -Hiti Moana Villa, contact: info@hitimoanavilla.com 

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-Moorea Beach Lodge, contact: mooreabeachlodge.booking@gmail.com

·Bora Bora:      -Bora Bora Eco Lodge, contact: pension@bora-bora-ecolodge.com

 -Bora Vaite Lodge, contact: boravaite@mail.pf

·Rangiroa:        -Les Relais de Josephine,  contact: relaisjosephine@mail.pf

 -Pension Bounty, contact: contact@pension bounty.com

Moorea Beach Lodge - Moorea

Moorea Beach Lodge - Moorea

The Islands of Tahiti are ready to welcome travellers from all over the world, no matter what your budget is. If you are looking for tips on how to do Tahiti on a budget, check out all the restaurants, activities, bars and must-do listed on “A Trip to Tahiti doesn’t have to break the bank if you follow these Insider Tips” escape.com.au article.

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