World Oceans Day

8th June: A day we are reminded of the beauty of our vast ocean and its incredible inhabitants.

Since 2008, World Oceans Day has celebrated the major role our oceans play in our everyday lives and emphasises the importance of protecting and restoring this extraordinary resource. Each year, this day aims to inform us about the impact we have on this natural environment, encouraging the global population to come together to sustainably manage the great deep blue that connects us all.

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Rob Thompson
6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Islands of Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti is full of endless possibilities for adventure. Universally appreciated for their beauty, The Islands of Tahiti offer far more to visitors than the picture perfect landscape. We have pulled together some of the lesser-known facts about this stunning part of the world to give you a little more insight into just what awaits you in paradise.

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Rob Thompson
7 Must-Try Tahitian Dishes

The Islands of Tahiti are full of incredible local dishes just waiting to be tried by eager visitors. We have put together a list of traditional Tahitian meals that you need to try on your next adventure to this tropical paradise.

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FoodRob Thompson
Earth Hour in The Islands of Tahiti

March 30: The day the world unites for Earth Hour.

 This annual event asks people from across the globe to turn their lights off between 8.30-9.30pm as a symbol of solidarity – creating awareness about our impact on the environment. After beginning in Sydney 12 years ago, Earth Hour quickly became a global movement with more than 7,000 cities in 188 countries taking part last year.

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Eco tourismRob Thompson
Run your own race at the Moorea Marathon

Running along the coastline of The Islands of Tahiti, taking in the beauty of this haven with hundreds of athletes by your side – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Come and join the Moorea Marathon, an annual running festival that should be on everyone’s to do list!

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MooreaRob Thompson
Happiness is a day by the pool

The Islands of Tahiti have some the world’s most beautiful beaches but have you ever considered trying out the incredible pools? We have Tahiti Homes’ top swimming pool picks to make your dream getaway decision easy.

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Robert Thompson
Chinese New Year in Paradise

Picture clear blue water beside the fiery red of Chinese dragons as they dance through town – Pape’ete in The Islands of Tahiti is the ultimate location for those who want to experience the festivities of Chinese New Year in paradise.

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